Paris Fashion Week & Fashion Show Autumn / Winter 2009 - 2010

July 6th. The fashion show of High fashion to the collection Autumn / Winter begins on Monday!

Let us discover without waiting for what reserves us this new collection …
In spite of relatively gloomy year, when one certain count of houses face some difficulties (receivership, bankruptcy, liquidation(sales)) we shall have all the same the pleasure to admire certain tenor of the High fashion and the Fashion.
We are going to have the pleasure to discover the show and new collections of prestigious French and international houses of high fashion, as well as the creations of new designers the talent of which is not to be any more proved.

The season Autumn / winter 2009/2010 promises us of beautiful surprise with a full enchanted world of faerie for On Aura Tout Vu, of magnificent stage settings of sensual under clothes dressed by Dior, and some more the other pearls which will awaken your imagination!


Birthday of Emmaüs - 60 years

Emmaüs celebrates it 60 years this year of 2009, and for it the foundation organizes a parade of high fashion with 3 creators professional stylists and 3 young stylists prize-winners of the foundation ELLE.
The concept is to value the recycling, to reflect about new processes of creation, as well as to promote creators' new generation with the aim of seeing of new tendencies appearing.

Without forgetting to awaken the curiosity and the interest of while creating an atypical meeting between stylists and public of Emmaüs The list of the creators designers present, each taking charge of decade :

  • 1950, Christian Lacroix
  • 1960, On aura tout vu
  • 1970, Sylvie Gaula
  • 1980, Carmen Buisson
  • 1990, Marie-Laure Solinas
  • 2000, Stella Cadente

On Aura Tout Vu 's Introduction

On Aura Tout Vu is a house of creation in High fashion, create in the XXth century by Livia Stoianova, Yassen Samouilov and André de Pasoa.
These young creators want innovative and wish to register their style in the history of the fashion, in the side of the biggest, such as their godfather Cristian Lacroix. You will discover through this blog the current events of this House High fashion, their ideas, their new collection, some work forward the first one …

To discover in detail On Aura Tout Vu, visit the site: www.onauratoutvu.com